Thursday, 9 February 2012

This could be the start of a beautiful blogship

I’m sure that at some point or the other, you have considered what it would be like to rule the world. I mean, what sane individual hasn’t?

Supervillain: The Concise Guide is a book that caters to these thoughts by offering you a foolproof way of fulfilling this fantasy. There are no downsides to following the advice in the book as a grown adult, no sir-ee.

Anyway, I’ve launched this blog to try and stir up some publicity for it. It only weighs in at around 26,000 words, so hopefully it’ll provide some entertainment on your occasional lunch break. I’ll also occasionally throw in my other thoughts on various subjects, including the daily journal of a cat that is growing sick of its master’s efforts to take over the planet.

Well not really.

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