Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Marketing Guru-izer

I think it’s time to sleaze up the proceedings and run my book campaign through the ‘Marketing Guru-izer’. Countless people turn to the advice of these glorious self-proclaimed maharishis of the marketing world, and it’s about time I used their techniques on my own promotion efforts.

Here’s the result. If this doesn’t persuade you to buy the book, then we truly live in a sad world - one where people refuse to be taken in by shady marketing techniques.



…with Supervillain: The Concise Guide, the bestselling literary property from the hottest new British author Ras Ashcroft!


"Within hours of reading the book, I started up my first new company and got in touch with a Swiss bank. THANK YOU RAS."

"I’m not seeing great results from Glenn Beck and his Goldline scheme, but I am POSITIVE that this fresh new life paradigm from Ras Ashcroft will suit my needs."

"Couldn’t put it down. Mostly because my son made me flip through it at gunpoint after reading it himself, but that shows initiative and I’m proud of him AND Ras!"

"There was a great deal of synergy between my eyes and this book."

Hi there! I’m Ras Ashcroft.

I’m an ordinary person just like you. I have a wife who bakes apple pie and a son who plays baseball. I used to be stuck in a boring, dead-end job, where the highlight of my day was delivering fresh coffee to a bunch of fat cats in a stuffy boardroom. My life was going nowhere.

But that was all destined to change.

The world has not been the same since the Arab Spring. It has highlighted the power of ordinary people, who can go on to achieve great things. I thought to myself - why couldn’t I be one of those people? Why couldn’t I learn, earn and conquer? LEARN IT, EARN IT, CONQUER IT! That’s the origin of my message.

By shifting the business paradigm, thinking outside the box, reaching for that pie in the sky, synergizing my efficiencies, using Web 2.0 and striking while the iron was hot, I could eat that elephant one bite at a time.

With Ras' book, I earned billions in mere hours!
Order my book now and you will receive $290,000 dollars worth of information in one neat little 99 cent package including:

  • How to use synergy
  • Becoming rich - some may possibly hit $10,000 in hours!
  • Using Web 2.0 to interface with your minions
  • Learning that superheroes are superZEROES - and how not to fall into that trap
  • How to wear a Bluetooth headset and walk around like a WINNER
  • Learning from failure while failing to fail in future failures
  • Synergizing your synergy

You will also receive PREMIER PLATINUM STAR LEVEL 8 ACCESS to my special webinars. After briefly talking about my books, I will unlock further secrets in the supervillain ‘rainbow’.

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